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Restoring iPhone pictures from iTunes backup files:

By : haxm rana
iPhone is undoubtedly the most amazing smart phone ever made. It has a high definition camera with

which you can capture the sweet memories of your life. As we say that nothing is perfect, it goes true

for this really smart gadget as well. You can still face problems like system failure and data loss while

using this mobile phone.

There can be different scenarios of lost photos as a result of iOS update, halted or failed synchronization

etc. You can certainly avoid the loss of data by backing up your photos and images before updating, but

there can be situations like deleting them unintentionally or unknowingly especially in the case of new


But you don’t really have to worry about accidentally deleted photos because it is very easy to retrieve

deleted photos from iPhone. iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery Mac is a reliable photo recovery tool to help

you recover deleted photos on your iPhone, iPad and other Apple products. It has the capability of not

only recovering the deleted photos directly scanning your phone, but also to retrieve the lost photos

from backed up iTunes files previously synched with your phone.

Method 1: Retrieving Photos from iPhone directly.

Method 2: Restoring iPhone pictures from iTunes Backup files.

Method 1: Retrieving photos from iPhone directly:

With iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, you can recover the deleted photos in a few easy steps by

scanning your iPhone.

1- Choose to recover data from iOS device:

Launch iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac after connecting your iPhone to you Mac system.

In the device window, select the model of your phone and choose “Recover data from iOS

device” in the next window.

Note: For recovering photos from iPhone 3GS, download the required plug-in beforehand.

2- Instructions to follow for scanning your iPhone:

You can start the scanning of deleted photos by simply clicking “Start” button if you have iPhone

5 or iPhone 4S, but in case of iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, you have to follow the instructions

mentioned below to enter the file system before you could recover deleted photos from iPhone.

i- Take your iPhone in your hand and click the “Start” button in the interface of iSkysoft

ii- After pressing start, hold immediately down the Power and Home buttons together on

iii- Release the power button after 10 seconds but keep holding Home button for another

iv- After 10 seconds, release the Home button as well and hit the Start Scan button in

3- Recover Photos from iPhone:

iPhone Data Recover for Mac.

your iPhone for 10 seconds. You can see the countdown in the interface of the software.

10 seconds. Doing so will let you enter the iPhone’s file system.

Photo recovery software to scan deleted photos.

After a while, you can preview all the photos that can be recovered, all you need to do is to

check the photo you want to recover and click Recover button in the bottom right corner.

Method 2: Restoring iPhone pictures from iTunes backup files:

You can even recover your lost photos from a backed up iTunes file. You don’t need to connect your

phone to Mac using this method so it becomes very handy in case you lost your phone, you can easily

recover your photos from recently synced iTunes back up file.

1- Select you iPhone model and relevant iPhone Photo Recovery Mode:

You don’t need to download any additional plug in for different iPhone models. You can simply

get going by selecting the phone model and “Recover data from iTunes backup files”

2- Select and iTunes backup file:

In iSkysoft iPhone Photo Recovery for Mac interface, just look for the most recent backup file

and hit start scan to scan all photos and other files.

3- Recover the selected files:

Watch the pictorial presentation of these steps at . After the scanning, preview the photos you want to

recover in the scanned files and click Recover to restore them back to your Mac.


By : haxm rana
A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an isolated infrastructure of computing resources within a public cloud environment that provides isolation for various users of the cloud. A business can use the VPC technology to build a kind of an intranet for its employees. When a public cloud is divided into multiple Virtual Private Clouds, each VPC is assigned a unique private IP subnet and a virtual communication channel that enables a user to use his VPC in complete isolation from the public cloud.
Benefits of a Virtual Private Cloud
·           Cost Effective: A Virtual Private Cloud ensures that the user can scale his technical infrastructure as and when required. This is very helpful, especially to startup companies who can save on the initial capital outlay.
·           Improved Security: VPCs offer a higher level of cloud network securitythan a public cloud since the user has more tools at his disposal to ensure that the data is safe. A private cloud is often secured under an organization’s firewall and its security employees have full freedom in setting safety protocols.

Factors to Consider When Selecting A VPC Vendor
·           Hype or Truth: Some vendors may confuse you by claiming to provide private clouds when infact you may be just a part of a public cloud. Make sure that you thoroughly check to ensure that you are getting exactly what you asked for
·           Security Controls: Compare the security options provided by VPC service providers. Higher the security controls, the better it is.
·           Reliability: Check the performance of the service provider and make sure that all your data can be accessed by you whenever and wherever you want
·           Terms and Conditions: Scrupulously go through the Terms and Conditions of the service to ensure that you and you alone will have total control of your data
·           Cost: Finally, compare the costs against other factors mentioned above and chose the best cost effective option without compromising on security and reliability

Virtual Private Cloud Providers
·           Amazon: It is one of the leading providers of cloud computing services. Amazon allows free usage of its VPC services. Users are however charged for any Virtual Private Network (VPN) they use
·           Rackspace: They offer a range of cloud computing services including a Virtual Private Cloud. Rackspace powers its cloud environment with OpenStack- the world’s fastest growing open source cloud management software
·           Other vendors include IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco etc.

How to communicate with your own network in a VPC
By default, you can not communicate with a virtual private cloud, you can not communicate with your own network. This access to your own network from you virtual private cloud ca be enables by using a VPC gateway, updating security group rules and by creating a custom route table.

Business organizations around the globe are steadily integrating private clouds into their infrastructure while most of the startups opt for cloud technologies since it gives them the power of scalability. The savings in capital expenditure is also a strong reason for the growth of the cloud. However, there remains a major hurdle - security. In fact, security is cited as the biggest reasons why some businesses still opt not to join the cloud. As such, if cloud service providers find a way to mitigate security concerns and guarantee complete safety of data, then the growth of the cloud industry will be explosive. 

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